Saturday, May 9, 2009

Introduction : Step By Step


Madhu Yarlagadda

I always wondered why some companies or projects stagnate while others succeed. Why some fail while others perform well. What makes a company stagnate and lose its market edge? What makes a company underperform compared to their competition? What makes a company continue to succeed?

Are there step by step principles a company can follow to sustain it’s edge?

Step By Step is a composition of my thoughts as I pondered these questions and came up with step by step principles. I experimented these over last 20 years and refined them to a point that they always worked and generated positive results.

Smart are those who learn from others experiences and then take them to a whole new level. Building a great team or a company is very similar. Avoid mistake that others made, learn from others experiences and take success to a whole new height.

Step by step are the thoughts of a software engineer who worked in the industry for 20 years. Learnt to manage a company that he started. Became a manager out of necessary but loved every bit of what he did both as an engineer and as a manager. Step by Step are the lesions that he learnt the hard way after making several mistakes.

Step by Step let’s prosper !!!

Step by Step let’s build great teams !!!

Step by Step let’s build great products !!!

Step by Step let’s build great companys !!!

Step by Step let’s make this world a better place !!!

Step by Step every one can make a difference in the world !!!


  1. Hi Madhu. I'm aspirating entrepreneur wishing to make the move to becoming a sucessful engineer like yourself. I very much like your blog, and would like to understand how you gained your leadership at yahoo and any ideas for me. Please post some more wise words :-)

  2. Manoj,

    Thanks for the kind words!. Will continue to blog. Wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

    Step By Step attain greatness !!!